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Diane Downing RN,MA

Former Head Nurse San Francisco General Hospital
World Health Organization Member

"It has been my pleasure to know Dr. Gunther both professionally, and as a patient. During this association I found him to be highly skilled in diagnostic abilities, devising treatment plans, delivering effective treatment, as well as the ability to evaluate a patient's progress and modify or alter treatment if necessary. Dr. Gunther is dedicated to providing superior care to patients, and is consistently willing to go beyond what is expected in order to achieve treatment goals." 

Julie L

"Dr. Gunther raises the bar in his field.  I have been to many chiropractors in the last 25 years, worked in chiropractic offices many years ago, and was even married to a chiropractor at one time, and never has anyone impressed me like Dr. Gunther. His skill and knowledge of sports injuries, congenital issues,and chronic symptoms, how to diagnose them and how to treat them is phenomenal, only surpassed by his ethics and genuine concern for his patients. He has worked with me through dislocated ribs, a substantial hip injury, herniated disks, and countless gym and general life over-exertions.  He tells me what I need for symptom relief, and what I will need to correct a problem, and is more concerned with getting me healed in as few visits as possible than I am.  I highly recommend Dr. Gunther to anyone who wants a skilled, ethical chiropractor who will be their best advocate."   


Rachael Prince

Professional Dancer

Ballet BC

"As a professional dancer I am constantly dealing with different issues with my body.  Dr. Gunther was kind enough to make the trip to UC Davis Mondavi Center to treat the dancers of Ballet BC before our performance. His experience with athletes really speaks for itself.  He was able to make an immediate difference. With only one treatment I was able to take his advice and heal my current injury.  If I ever visit the Sacramento area again, I will be certain to see Dr. Gunther."

Daniel F. Hoth M.D.
"Dr. Gunther is well versed in the pathophysiology of the conditions he treats.  I can recommend him without reservation."

Jaime B. Sainz

IT Manager Hewlett Packard

6 time Arizona State Martial Arts Champion

"Dr. David Gunther is the best! His approach is unique and effective. He provides soft tissue work with chiropractic adjustments to provide a complete back and body treatment. Dr. Gunther's gentle demeanor and sense of humor helps you relax and creates a safe and healthful experience for the patient.  Dr. Gunther also spends sufficient time with patients to ensure a thorough chiropractic treatment. I have been to crack and go chiropractors, and none have had the same effect as Dr. Gunther. I would recommend Dr. Gunther to anyone needing chiropractic treatment."

Annie Andrighetto

"Dr. David Gunther has helped me with various problems over the last 5+ years- chronic neck pain, pulled hamstring, sprained ankle, carpal tunnel, knee injuries- most recently, he treated me for plantar fasciitis, and I am happy to say that I am now pain free.  

What I most appreciate about Dr. Gunther is his ability to zero in on the problem, explain what is going on, treat the soft tissue, and give me stretches and exercises so that I can help myself. I have recommended him to many colleagues and friends, and will continue to do so. He is the best chiropractor I have ever seen."

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