David Gunther Chiropractic

"As a professional dancer I am constantly dealing with different issues with my body. Dr. Gunther was kind enough to make the trip to UC Davis to treat the dancers of Ballet BC before our performance. His experience with athletes really speaks for itself. He was able to make an immediate difference. With only one treatment I was able to take his advice and heal my current injury. If I ever visit the Sacramento area again, I will be sure to see Dr. Gunther."

Racheal Prince
Professional Dancer, Ballet BC

"Dr. Gunther raises the bar in his field. I have been to many chiropractors in the past 25 years, worked in chiropractic offices many years ago, and was even married to a chiropractor at one time, and never has anyone impressed me like Dr. Gunther. His skill and knowledge of sports injuries, congenital issues, and chronic symptoms, how to diagnose them and how to treat them is phenomenal. Only surpassed by his ethics and genuine concern for his patients. He has worked with me through dislocated ribs, a substantial hip injury, a herniated disk, and countless gym and general life overexertions. He tells me what I will need for symptom relief and what I will need to correct a problem, and is more concerned with getting me healed with as few visits as possible than I am. I highly recommend Dr. Gunther to anyone who wants a highly skilled ethical chiropractor who will be their best advocate."

Julie L.

"It has been my pleasure to know Dr. Gunther professionally and as a patient. During this association I found him to be highly skilled in diagnostic abilities, devising treatment plans, delivering effective treatment, as well as the ability to evaluate a patient's progress and modify or alter treatment if neccessary. Dr. Gunther is dedicated to providing superior care to patients, he is proficient in his duties, and is consistently willing to go beyond what is expected to accomplish treatment goals."

Diane Downing RN, MA
Former Head Nurse
San Francisco General Hospital
World Health Organization Member

"Dr David Gunther has helped me with various problems over the past 5+ years - chronic neck pain, pulled hamstring, injured ankle, carpal tunnel, knee injuries - most recently, he treated me for plantar fasciitis and I am happy to say I am pain free.  

What i most appreciate about Dr Gunther is his ability to zero in on the problem, explain what is going on, treat the soft tissue, and give me stretches and exercises so that I can help myself.  I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.  He's the best chiropractor I have ever seen."

Annie A.

"Dr. Gunther is well versed in the pathophysiology of the conditions he treats. I can recommend him without reservation."

Daniel F. Hoth M.D.

"I was referred to Dr Gunther by a friend and have been really pleased with his approach to my neck and back issues. Dr Gunther takes a very holistic (whole body) approach to his work and has done a good deal of soft tissue work as well as chiro work on me. Dr Gunther is a cyclist and has an empathy and great understanding for athletes and weekend warriors. Looking for a skilled chiropractor? Dr Gunther is your guy."

Karin M.

"I am a professional ballet dancer with the Sacramento Ballet and I know about pain and injuries and the people that can help. Dr. Gunther is a wonderful chiropractor. He is a great guy and really knows what he's doing. He takes a lot of time working out my muscles and imbalances through massage before doing any adjustments. He has helped me with many problems and injuries and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent healer."

Ilana Goldman
Professional Dancer

"I have required periodic chiropractic and physical therapy since suffering whiplash in a car accident as a teenager thirty years ago.  I also have early-onset osteoarthritis due to some joint deformity.  In 2006 I had surgery to fuse two spinal vertebra in my neck.  I have suffered with musculoskeletal pain and spinal issues over the years and have seen many different therapists and chiropractors.  I was referred to Dr. Gunther by a friend and I am so thankful to have found him.  I have been under his care since May 2006.

What is unique about Dr. Gunther is that he spends a good deal of the appt. time working on tight, knotted muscles.  Spinal adjustments are gentle and quick and only performed on those specific vertebrae that require adjustment.  He is the only person I trust to adjust my neck around my fusion and has become a close and respected friend who I recommend to everyone I meet.  Dr. Gunther is truly a world-class practitioner and the only one I have found that combines deep-tissue therapy with chiropractic care - a necessary combination when dealing with chronic pain."

Mary C.
CalPERS Investment Officer

"I wouldn't be able to survive the season without your expertise. Thank you so much!"

Annali Rose Lulebas
Principal Dancer, Sacramento Ballet

"Dr. David Gunther is the best! His approach is unique and effective. He combines soft tissue work with chiropractic adjustments to provide a comprehensive back and body treatment. Dr. Gunther's gentle demeanor and sense of humor helps you relax and creates a safe and healthful experience for the patient. Dr. Gunther also spends sufficient time with patients to ensure a thorough chiropractic treatment. I have been to several other crack and go chiropractors and none have had the same effect as Dr. Gunther. I would recommend Dr. Gunther to anyone needing chiropractic treatment."

Jaime B. Sainz
IT Manager, Hewlett Packard
6 time Arizona State Martial Arts Champion

"You have helped me dance pain free countless times. I trust you completely and am so grateful for your skill and kindness."

Chloe Horne
Principal Dancer, Sacramento Ballet

"I have been seeing Dr. Gunther for about two years now for chronic neck and back pain due to a medical condition.  Dr. Gunther is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and chiropractic techniques.  He has always been able to provide some relief for me after each visit.  His demeanor and his office environment project a true professionalism.  I would highly recommend his services."

Jonathan N.

"I went to see Dr. Gunther with crippling neck spasms. After about six sessions, my neck was not only pain free, but I had more flexibility than I have had for many years. I am very grateful for Dr, Gunther's excellent treatment and for his skill and his kind, informative manner.."

Robert C.


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"Dr. David S. Gunther is the best! His approach is unique and effective. He combines soft tissue work with chiropractic.....



My fifteen years experience in multidisciplinary and medical clinics, combined with thorough history taking and examination procedures...